Working for BEA

"People working for people"

What would be a company without their people?

The goal of BEA is to develop their human resources with respect of every single person. It is essential to have staff trusting their company, by staking on independent, skilful, responsible and innovative willing people.

The Human Resources team tries to respect the corporate values, which are the driving forces behind BEA’s success worldwide.

 At BEA, we advocate five essential values every day :

  • Innovation :  always look towards the future
  • Integrity :  respect for our customers and ourselves
  • Motivation : a positive attitude (“I can do it”) to begin each day
  • Cohesion : all for one, one for all
  • Personal  Development : live the dream together and enjoy doing it

We are lucky enough to be working in nice surroundings and a friendly atmosphere.

By our know-how and our technical skills, our behaviour and listening, our motivation and concern of a good job, we preserve that environment together.

A company’s success is built on performing, responsible and dynamic staff at all levels.

Tailored development

Training is an essential part of the permanent education in a company’s life. This is the reason why BEA worked out a training plan for their staff.

The company BEA commits themselves in the training of their human force. The education must be customized according to everyone’s skill; therefore our approach is individual aiming at the personal development which will beneficial to the company business.

We want to contribute developing the technical, linguistic and social skills of our staff.

During the whole year, together with their superior and the Human Resources, every person will assess his training needs at annual interviews, according to his requirements and the technological and legal changes occured.