The 1SAFE provides safety in the following applications:

  • Sliding door during the opening cycle (risk of crushing).
  • Curved sliding or swing door during the closing cycle (risk of pinching or crushing).
  • It safeguards the potential impact point or “pinch zone” of revolving doors (on unmonitored doors).


  • The 1SAFE is an active infrared sensor operating with background suppression (triangulation). The 1SAFE sends a narrow infrared beam (35 mm × 70 mm at a height of 2,20 m).
  • The 1SAFE is suitable for all applications where accurate and narrow detection fields are required. It either opens, protects or monitors.


The 1SAFE, as an alternative to pushbuttons, opens an automatic door when:

  • You need a very small detection field (restaurant kitchens, internal train doors, etc.).
  • The main feature of the 1SAFE is its ability to track changes in its background and environment.
  • The 1SAFE’s ability to adapt itself to variations in the background and ambient temperature ensures a greater reliability in all situations.
  • A single 1SAFE or several in unison will provide safety in revolving air locks.
  • The 1SAFE works vertically (with background) as well as horizontally (if necessary, without background).
  • Revolving doors - Safety at the pinching zone

  • Curved sliding doors - Safety during the closing cycle

  • Sliding doors - Safety during the opening cycle

  • Swinging doors - Safety during the closing cycle

  • Restaurant doors

  • PUSH & GO : for the most common applications and installation heights, a single press on the control button is enough. The sensing area is adjusted automatically.
  • MANUAL MODE : for special applications (greater height, reflective floors, horizontal applications, etc.), a “manual mode” using an adjusting screw and dip-switch enables precise adjustments of the sensing area.

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