...combines an EAGLE THREE self-monitoring motion radar for the activation of the door with a failsafe, active infrared presence double curtain for the protection of users. The  unidirectional  radar allows  to make energy savings, whil the tridimensional f the curtain allows to protect  people against  contacts with the doors without  safety beams.

This product is not for sale anymore. It has been replaced by the Ixio-D.

  • Combination of microwave and active infrared in a single housing
  • Improvementof the energy performance of buildingsthanks to the unidirectional radar , which detects approaching objects and filters out the objects moving away: the door is closing earlier and can reduce heat loss
  • Self-monitoring of the radar in compliance with the standards and directives on redundant automatic doors used as emergency exits (CO48, EN16005, AutSchR and DIN18650)
  • High user safety thanks to two curtains of  24 “failsafe” infrared spotlights each. (French order, DIN 18650, EN16005)
  • Rugged materials


  • “Unidirectional” movement for opening (detects approaching objects)


  • High user safety thanks to two curtains of  24 “failsafe” infrared spotlights each (French order, DIN 18650, EN16005).
  • Opening and safety of linear, telescopic and arched curved automatic sliding doors functioning as emergency exits

  • Final tuning with universal BEA remote control
  • Easy adjustement  thanks to pre-setted configurations
  • The universal BEA remote control can be used to control the “radar” section and the “infrared” section of the sensor, or push buttons can be used

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