The EAGLE THREE... a self-monitoring radar for redundant automatic doors. TÜV-certified, it complies with all the standards applicable to electronic solutions designed for emergency exits. Unidirectional, it detects the movements of approaching objects and filters out the movements of objects moving away. This consequently reduces the opening cycle of sliding doors, which will closes earlier and decrease the building energy consumption and carbon print..


  • K-band planar antenna designed for automatic doors.
  • Digital electronics controlled by a second-generation RISC microprocessor, which allows increased immunity to interference.
  • Sophisticated aesthetics.
  • Very compact design, which means minimum visual impact and simple mounting.
  • Vandal-proof with its sturdy ABS housing, the mounting system of which avoids the risk of maladjustments.
  • TÜV-approved
  • Wide detection area gives high user comfort and good detection of approaching lateral movements
  • All types of door

  • Fully controlled with coded infrared remote control: no more climbing up and down ladders to adjust the sensor. Thanks to its remote control, the EAGLE can be adjusted simply and quickly
    -  “3D” adjustment: the EAGLE’s antenna can be oriented along two axes
    - Vertical adjustment of the antenna: from accessory.
    - Lateral adjustment of the antenna: from 30° to the left to 30° to the right. The sensor can n be positioned horizontally on the side of a door and offers the possibility of centering the field in relation to this door.

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