The EYE-TECH... a presence active infrared sensor operating by distance measuring. Mounted on the leaves of swing and revolving doors, it offers a basic safety for the users. 

Active infrared

  • Master/slave system
  • In addition to making the leaf safe, the EYE-TECH also secures the cutting edge of the door leaf.
  • User safety thanks to the covering of an area of 10 cm in front of the leaf 2 m high with a single, active infrared spot.
  • Possibility of extending the detection area  by adding “slave” modules.
  • Reliable detection thanks to the “anti-masking” option irrespective of the texture or the colour of the object to be detected.
  • Additional safety device for low energy doors used by  people with disabilities.
  • Insensitive to colour variations or reflectivity of the ground.
  • An EYE-TECH module generates a spot of +/- 10 cm diameter on the ground.
  • Automatic swing, revolving and low energy doors.

  • Mechanical adjustment of detection area.
  • “Anti-masking” mode can be selected with dip switches.

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