The FLATSCAN SW uses laser technology (time of flight measurement) for swing doors.

It generates 170 measurement points to provide complete protection for the user, and is easy to install.

One FLATSCAN SW is enough to cover both the complete width and height of a door wing and the hinge area.


* Only available if a FLATSCAN SW module is mounted on each side of the door wing.


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  • LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement


Hinge areas*

The FLATSCAN SW offers 100 additional points, devided over 16° in the hinge area, to offer finger protection.

Edges are safe*

The FLATSCAN SW extends its coverage beyond the door edges, for better comfort.

* Only available if a FLATSCAN SW module is mounted on each side of the door wing.


Uncovered zone

Thanks to the high precision of the laser technology the uncovered zone can be reduced to 10 cm.

Independent of flooring and surroundings

Laser technology guarantees independence in terms of the type of flooring (slatted floors, wire mesh, absorbent carpet, reflective flooring, slippery surface, etc.) and the direct surroundings of the door (handrail, walls, radiators, dustbins, etc.).


  • One module on each side is enough to secure the whole door, regardless of its size.

  • Extended safety area

  • Safety of hinge area

  • Max. detection range 4 m (diagonal)

Fast, intuitive installation

The size of the sensor area is defined by hand movement. Profiles do not have to be cut anymore to fit the doorframe.

Compact in size

The FLATSCAN SW adapts itself to all types of doors whatever their size. Thanks to its compact design (8.5 cm × 14.2 cm) logistics and storage are much easier.


  • No accessories available

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