The IXIO-D... a sensor which combines radar technology for activation of the door with infrared technology for user protection. The unidirectional radar enables energy savings to be made. The three-dimensional area of the infrared curtain protects people from contact with the doors.

  • Microwave doppler radar
  • Active infrared with background analysis


  • Due to the unidirectionality, the duration of the door opening cycle is shorter, which reduces heat loss from the building and saves energy.
  • This also optimises the “airlock” function.

Infrared curtains

  • 48 high-density infrared spotlights from 2 curtains protect users from any contact with the doors.
  • A 32-bit microprocessor optimises the processing of information coming from the environment, ensuring a stable performance throughout the year.


  • 4 red spotlights visible on the ground to adjust the angle of the failsafe curtain.


  • “Unidirectional” movement for opening (detects approaching objects)


  • High user safety thanks to two curtains of  24 “failsafe” infrared spotlights each ( DIN 18650, EN16005)
  • Opening and safety of linear, telescopic and curved automatic sliding doors.

  • Single leaf sliding doors

  • Area detection radar 4 m × 2 m @ 2.2 m infrared 2,2 m × 0.5 m @ 2.2 m

  • Intuitive configuration thanks to an LCD screen and/or a BEA remote control.
  • LCD graphics screen with choice of language.
  • 10 adjustment options for the IR curtains.
  • Lateral orientation from -15° to +15° for the radar antenna.
  • 4 infrared spotlights visible on the ground for the easy adjustment of the failsafe curtain.
  • Plug, push & go.
  • IXIO-DT1: sensor with double combination technology and self-monitoring.
  • IXIO-DT3: sensor with double combination technology for emergency doors and standard doors. 3-in-1 product with choice of 3 types of exit (voltage/frequency/relay) emergency doors.
  • IXIO-DP1: sensor with double combination technology for pulsed safety door controllers
  • IXIO-DP3: sensor with double combination technology for emergency doors and standard doors with pulsed safety door controller.

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