...is an active infrared presence sensor. The tridimensional area of its infrared curtain protects the users from any contact with the doors. Adjustment is made easier with an LCD screen offering 10 different widths of curtains, to cover the full travel area of the door.

  • Active infrared with background analysis


  • 4 red spotlights visible on the ground to adjust the angle of the failsafe curtain.

Infrared curtains

  • 48 high-density, infrared spotlights from 2 curtains protect users from any contact with the doors.
  • A 32-bit microprocessor optimises the processing of information coming from the environment, ensuring a stable performance throughout the year.


  • 10 possible widths of IR curtains, for optimum coverage of the door opening.



  • High user safety thanks to two curtains of  24 “failsafe” infrared spotlights each (DIN 18650, EN16005)
  • Safety of linear, telescopic and curved automatic sliding doors.

  • Infrared dectection area 2,2 m × 0,5 m @ 2,2 m

  • Intuitive configuration thanks to an LCD screen and/or a BEA remote control.
  • LCD graphics screen with choice of language.
  • 10 adjustment options for the IR curtains.
  • 4 infrared spotlights visible on the ground to enable easy adjustment of the failsafe curtain.
  • Plug, push & go.
  • IXIO-ST : safety sensor with self-monitoring.
  • IXIO-SP : safety sensor with self-monitoring for pulsed safety door controllers.

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