The MAGIC SWITCH... a deliberate contactless microwave sensor. Its main use is  hygienic applications where the lack of contact with the sensor is required and also comfort reasons ,n hospital environments, in hotels, in  restaurants, in the retail and pharmaceutical industries and in logistics.


  • Hygienic since no  contacts with hands and elbows.
  • Vandal-proof and foolproof due to the concealed installation.
  • Waterproof thanks to the silicon seal.
  • Concealed  installation and homogeneous detection thanks to the radar technology.
  • Detection area adjustablebetween 10 and 50 cm.
  • Possibility of keeping the door open  with the switch mode.
  • Easy clopening solution for low energy doors used by people with disabilities.
  • Insensitive to colour, temperature and target reflectivity .
  • Increased life duration thanks to the lack of mechanical wear.
  • Insensitive to projections of all sorts .
  • Retail, clean rooms, operating theatres, logistics, hotels and restaurants. Low energy doors for people with disabilities.

  • Easy cleaning due to complete installation behind any surface except metal- Adjustment of detection area  with potentiometer.
  • Switch or  pulse mode  with  dip switches.
  • Visible housing in option .

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