The VIO-S is a presence sensor made up of a double failsafe active infrared curtain.

The three-dimensional area of the infrared curtain, without safety beams, protects people from any contact with the doors.


  • Active infrared background analysis
  • Simple adjustments using DIP-Switches.
  • Adjustment of the infrared curtain width with the prisms. (curtains of 12 or 24 spots depending on the prism used)
  • Mounting height of up to 3 metres.
  • High protection of individuals, thanks to the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains. (EN 16005, French Order 21/12/93)
  • Optimum performance thanks to high levels of active, self-adapting infrared immunity.
  • Safety of linear, telescopic and curved automatic sliding doors.

  • Settings using DIP-switches: critical environment, standard environment.
  • Easy positioning and localising of the curtains thanks to mechanical adjustments and the spotfinder.
  • Detection stability in sensitive areas.

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