The Laser Scanner LZR®-P110 is a safety solution for sliding doors and revolving doors designed in conformity with the DIN 18650 and EN 16005 standards.


  • LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement
  • Background reflectivity independent thanks to time-of-flight measurement.
  • Free positioning of two push-buttons to activate the door opening.
  • Best outdoor operation thanks to the integrated heating system and the rain and snow filter.
  • Bi-functional usability thanks to flexible and easy-to-use signal outputs (e.g. slow-mode and stop-mode for revolving doors, virtual push-buttons, and safety sensors for sliding doors)
  • Maximum dimensions: 5 m × 5 m
  • Three-dimensional safety on the door threshold and close to the closing area with 4 high-resolution laser curtains (274 measurements per 66 ms at angles of 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°).
  • Conform to EN16005 and DIN18650
  • Safety of the main closing edge of sliding doors

  • Virtual push-buttons for sliding doors

  • Secure slow-mode and stop-mode for sliding and revolving doors to prevent dangerous situations such as ‘doors closing on a person’


  • 3 visible laser points to align the sensor
  • Pre-programmed detection field
  • Universal BEA remote control to set parameters

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