The VIO-D combines a motion radar sensor for opening the door with a double failsafe active infrared curtain for the protection of users, in accordance with the EN 16005 standard.

Opening and closing the door is controlled by a unidirectional radar and safety is ensured by the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains.

  • Microwave doppler radar
  • Active infrared with background analysis
  • Simple adjustments using DIP-Switches and potentiometer.
  • The unidirectionality of the VIO-DT1 enables energy savings to be made within the building. The door closes sooner and reduces thermal losses.
  • High levels of active infrared immunity.


  • “Unidirectional” movement for opening (detects approaching objects)


  • Substantial protection of individuals thanks to the two 24-infrared spot failsafe curtains (EN 16005).
  • Opening and safety of automatic sliding doors

  • Adjustment of the field size using a potentiometer.
  • Settings using 4 DIP-Switches.
  • Positioning adjustment of the infrared curtains with adjustment screws.
  • VIO-DT1 : unidirectional monitored dual sensor, PL «C»
  • VIO-DT2 : bidirectional monitored dual sensor, PL «C»

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